Kyoshi Ante Brannbacka & Kyoshi Olaf Krey

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Kyoshi Brannbacka and Kyoshi Krey London Course

On 23/24 September 2017 the London Koryukan hosted 2 of Hanshi Patrick McCarthy's top students and IRKRS instructors: Kyoshi Ante Brannbacka Finland KU Shibucho) & Kyoshi Olaf Krey (Germany KU Shibucho).

Both Kyoshi Brannbacka & Kyoshi Krey received their KU instructor credentials after finishing the 2 year full time Diploma of Martial Arts Instruction undergraduate program at the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Brisbane in 2003.

Since returning to their repective countries after graduating from the college, Kyoshi Brannbacka and Krey have produced some 80 KU blackbelts over some 25 accredited KU dojo in Finland and Germany.

Both received their yondans and Renshi-level accreditation upon finishing the college in 2003 and have been, more recently, awarded their rokudan and Kyoshi-level accreditation in 2015 and 2016 respectively. They both also hold a yondan in Yamane Ryu kobudo.




Joost Frehe